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Greek Feta Cheese

Greek salad is a proper Greek salad only with feta cheese in it. Of course, it has to be Greek feta cheese but here is a catch: there is no other feta cheese but Greek feta cheese. The Greek Feta Cheese War Until some years ago, there was an ongoing “cheese war” about the name […]

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Chloro Cheese – A Greek Cheese from Santorini

Chloro Cheese from Santorini (hloro tiri) is one of the special Greek cheeses from this unique Greek Island. This fresh, mild goat cheese has its long tradition in Santorini where the handmade process of making it passes from mothers to daughters. It’s very hard to find this cheese in restaurants even in Santorini, let alone […]

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Mizithra cheese

Mizithra cheese is a  traditional Greek cheese whose history goes back to the ancient times. The real, true mizithra is produced in Greece, which holds the copyright for the use of the name; in other countries, if a cheese is supposed to be called mizithra, there are very rigid regulations on where and how it […]

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