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Horiatiki salad – Recipe for the Choriatiki Greek salad

Choriatiki or Horiatiki salad, or Greek Salad as it is known worldwide, means country or village salad, following the meaning of the word “horiatiki” in Greek. One important thing we need to point out right away is that what is known as the Greek salad elsewhere is not exactly what you would be served in […]

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Greek Salad with Lettuce

Greek salad with lettuce is one of the variations of the typical Greek salad, the Horiatiki salad. The recipe is easy to make and can save you any time you need a fresh and delicious salad for your lunch or dinner. The Greek salad  is one of the most popular and very healthy salads you […]

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Greek Salad with Broccoli

Greek Salad with Broccoli is a common salad in Greece, cooked both in summer and autumn. This recipe for salad with broccoli is quite easy to make and thus can be an excellent way to eat something light and healthy. This colorful broccoli salad recipe with the red cherry tomatoes added to it, is a […]

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