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Greek salad is a healthy salad

Greek Salad is a healthy salad. This is what you will be reading and listening everywhere today, since increasingly big amounts of experts and researchers embrace the Mediterranean diet as a healthy nutritional lifestyle. Traditionally, Greeks eat foods that are in season and follow a somewhat relaxed and unhurried approach to mealtimes. Greeks are, though, […]

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Tomato, the Cornerstone of Greek Cuisine

The tomato is the worldwide grown fruit giving us about 10.000 of its varieties. Many of tomato types are grown in Greece, including some of the typical, only Greek sorts such as Athenian Batala of Vravrona and “tomatakia” (or tomatines), the baby -tomatoes from Santorini. Often, you can hear people talking about Greek summer as […]

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Greek Summer Salads

Greek summer salads are simple to make, they taste great, they are so nicely balanced for your diet and health, and they are in the light side when it comes to digestion. Of course, there are some exceptions, but that’s no surprise since many salads can be turned into serious meals. Greek summer salads are […]

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Greek salad dressing

Why would you add a salad dressing to your Greek salad? If you want to introduce your family and friends to the Horiatiki Greek salad, or any other salad in Greece you like, you should consider enhancing it with a nice and tasty dressing suitable for Greek salads. Although most people like salads in general, […]

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