Cabbage Apple Salad

Cabbage Apple Salad is one of the crispy summer salads equally loved by kids and adults. It’s easy to understand that – just an ordinary cabbage salad, seasoned with red wine vinegar, salt and olive oil, can go a long way. Welcomed at the table in all seasons, all over the world, in many varieties, cabbage has a long history in Greece. This plant is native to the Mediterranean region anyway.

Cabbage comes in light green and purplish versions, although it’s not unusual to find many nuances of it. The color of its leaves depends mostly on the soil, more precisely of whether the soil is more acidic or alkaline. Cabbage is a seasonal plant, although nowadays can be find in stores all year long due to the artificial gardens. There are also many leafy plants that have the word “cabbage” in their full name, but don’t look like their “ordinary” cousin (let’s just remember the Chinese cabbage for the comparison purposes!).

From the old times, cabbage was considered a healthy leafy plant, good for digestion but also for many other medical purposes. It has a somewhat spicy taste but mild enough to mix well with all other vegetables. It’s used raw, cooked, preserved. It makes soups, stews, pies, stuffed delicate dishes… Listing all kind of cabbage dishes would be endless. Cabbage salad is probably one of the most common salads around the world. It can be as simple as it comes, but also enriched with other ingredients and make the whole meal.

Cabbage Apple Salad Recipe

cabbage salad with apples

  • 1 Cabbage head (color of your preference)
  • Or 1/2 head red, ½ head light green
  • 1 tart apple (green sorts, Granny Smith for example), cubed or ground(preferably)
  • Couple dozen of almonds, ground or cut in small pieces
  • Caraway seeds
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Red White vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Carrot

Cut the cabbage head in pieces, or remove the leaves from the core, depending on how you prefer to shred cabbage leaves. In any case, make sure to wash either the leaves before shredding them, or the shredded cabbage thoroughly.

When dried, put the cabbage in a bowl, add the almonds, caraway seeds, fresh mint leaves and apple cubes, season with salt and pepper, add vinegar and olive oil and mix everything. It’s simple and refreshing. It can be served as an appetizer or side dish.

Greek names of the ingredients of the recipe for Cabbage Apple Salad

  • cabbage= lahano, λάχανο
  • tart apple =ksinomilo, ξυνόμηλο
  • olive oil = elaiolado, ελαιόλαδο
  • salt = alati, αλάτι
  • carrot = karoto, καρότο
  • fresh mint leaves = freska fylla mentas, φρέσκα φύλλα μέντας
  • almond= amigdalo, αμύγδαλο
  • Caraway seeds: sporoi kimino, σπόροι κύμινο


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