Chloro Cheese – A Greek Cheese from Santorini

Chloro Cheese from Santorini (hloro tiri) is one of the special Greek cheeses from this unique Greek Island. This fresh, mild goat cheese has its long tradition in Santorini where the handmade process of making it passes from mothers to daughters. It’s very hard to find this cheese in restaurants even in Santorini, let alone markets. Occasionally, it could be on the menu of some of the Santorini taverns, either as the cheese itself, or in the Santorini Salad.

Making Chloro Cheese

chloro cheese from SantoriniChloro cheese is truly homemade, and home consumed cheese. Its production is minimal not because the locals and residents of Santorini jealously “keep the secret” but because the whole process of making this cheese is time consuming and complicated. Goat milk has to be freshly milked and strained.

Then, milk needs to be heated but not boiled, to get pasteurized. Now, we get to the tricky part. In order to thicken the pasteurized milk, Santorinians use “pytia” – a traditional thickener made from stomachs of young goats in a procedure that lasts about one month (getting rid of smelling by salt and pepper, exposing it to the sun to dry). After pytia is added to the milk, let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes to get thickened, and then get rid of excessive liquid or milk that was not thickened. Finally, put and press the cheese in a bowl full of coriander, sprinkle it with a sea salt and cover. One day later, the cheese is ready.

Eating Chloro Cheese

Local people of Santorini use chloro cheese a lot. Greeks are in general known as big-consumers of cheese. The freshness of chloro cheese makes it perfect for a huge variety of salads, especially with Santorini’s unique baby-tomatoes (tomatakia), herbs, capers, olive oil, and grilled vegetables, especially Santorinis’ typical white eggplants.

Chloro cheese is also made in Andros another island of the Cycladic Complex of islands and is used in traditional cooking. If making some of the suggested recipes that include chloro cheese from Santorini and you cannot find this particular type of cheese, use any white soft cheese with a little tangy taste and flavour.

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