Greek Salad with Broccoli

Greek Salad with Broccoli is a common salad in Greece, cooked both in summer and autumn. This recipe for salad with broccoli is quite easy to make and thus can be an excellent way to eat something light and healthy.

This colorful broccoli salad recipe with the red cherry tomatoes added to it, is a stunning addition to any main dish.

Did you know that consumption of broccoli has shot up considerably in the past decade due to the increasing awareness of its fortifying and anti-carcinogenic properties? Add a Greek broccoli salad to your weekly menu and you will make the first step towards healthy eating.

This Greek salad consists of several ingredients that should be included in your daily diet, such as broccoli, onions, olives and yogurt. Although yogurt is a rather optional ingredient, since some people prefer a simple vinaigrette or even lemon dressing, it adds freshness to the salad and makes it ideal for a summer meal.

There are many salads in Greece that make use of yogurt in dressing, especially in Athens and central Greece. Fresh veggies and legumes go really well with yogurt, so if you combine it with this vinaigrette you will create a nice, dense dressing that will be both tasty and refreshing.

Recipe for Greek Salad with Broccoli

greek salad with broccoli

  • 3 heads fresh broccoli, chopped
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 3 (6 ounce) jumbo black olives, sliced or not
  • 2 (6.5 ounce) artichoke hearts, sliced
  • 10 cherry tomatoes chopped
  • 3 bunches green onions, chopped
  • 1 (8 ounce) of home made vinaigrette
  • yogurt

Combine the broccoli, red onion, olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and green onions in a bowl.
Blend the dressing with the yogurt and pour it over the salad. Mix well and keep for about 2 hours.

Greek names of the ingredients of the recipe for Greek Salad with Broccoli

  • Cherry Tomatoes = ntomatinia, ντοματίνια
  • Red onion = kokkino kremmydi, κόκκινο κρεμμύδι
  • Green onions  = fresko kremmydi, φρέσκο κρεμμύδι
  • artichoke: agkinara, αγκινάρα
  • broccoli: brokolo, μπρόκολο
  • yogurt: yaourti, γιαούρτι
  • black olives: mavres elies, μαύρες ελιές
  • Olive oil = elaiolado, ελαιόλαδο
  • Salt = alati, αλάτι


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  1. best cook June 12, 2010 at 10:02 #

    Love the combination of the artichokes, broccoli and yogurt . Thank you for sharing this new recipe.

  2. eatgreek August 1, 2010 at 19:38 #

    it must be delicious!

  3. nilgun Tatli October 22, 2010 at 16:14 #

    really it is delicious salad, I’m writing from Turkey.
    My grandma and grandpa came from Greek Island at 1934. My grandma taught many Greek recipes to me.
    Everyday I cook generally greek recipes. Also I’m food consultant and Greek recipes are perfect!

    Nilgun Tatli

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