Greek salad dressing

Why would you add a salad dressing to your Greek salad?

If you want to introduce your family and friends to the Horiatiki Greek salad, or any other salad in Greece you like, you should consider enhancing it with a nice and tasty dressing suitable for Greek salads.

Although most people like salads in general, you have to make them taste good because most adults, teens, and children just don’t care for the taste of healthy lettuce, greens and uncooked veggies. Well, you can now motivate the people you live with to have a big salad every day because with the Greek salad dressings, every salad will taste great!

If you spend sometime cooking and making Greek salads, you will figure out that  dressings for your Greek salad exist in abundance. More importantly, there is always a salad dressing that would make everybody want to eat their greens.

Common ingredients in Greek salad dressing

greek salad dressingTypically, the common Greek salad, also known as Horiatiki salad contains olive oil and lemon or vinegar. Greek people season it with oregano, but you can find other variations too, such as a Greek salad with basil or even dill, thyme, or a mixture of them. In most salads in Greece you will find a vast variety of dressings, some of them being simpler, some more complicated.

In general though, Greeks tend to eat their salad as simple as possible; some people might avoid dressings completely, but that is a personal choice. Rarely will you find a Greek Salad without any dressing, even the simple olive oil – lemon combination.

Common ingredients in dressings for Greek salad are the extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, white or red vinegar, balsamic vinegar, yogurt, oregano, basil, dill, thyme, mustard and in some cases soft cheese and even fish (like anchovies). The variations are numerous and usually depend on the type of legumes and vegetables you will use in your salad.

Save money with healthy salad dressings

Most people don’t read labels closely enough. Even salad dressings in health food stores often contain chemical ingredients which are not considered good for your health.

However with our salad recipes and their dressings, you don’t have to worry about what you’re feeding yourself and your family. You’re in control of your diet and that is the most important.

Most of the dressings for the Greek salad or other salads in Greece can be prepared for pennies per serving. Why spend a small fortune on health food store salad dressings, when you can make your own in a few minutes and save money?

Everyone digs the Greek dressings for salads

It can be really tough to get kids, teens, and even adults to eat a big salad every night, but you may finally overcome this problem at your house with some  healthy and tasty salad dressings. Your kids will eat all of their salad now, instead of sending half of it to the garbage.

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