Greek Salad with Lettuce

Greek salad with lettuce is one of the variations of the typical Greek salad, the Horiatiki salad. The recipe is easy to make and can save you any time you need a fresh and delicious salad for your lunch or dinner.

The Greek salad  is one of the most popular and very healthy salads you can have all year long. It is great for any occasion in whatever version you taste it, although we have to say that Greek salad is the ideal summer lunch food.

Make your own Greek Salad with lettuce

Greek salad with lettuce is simply to put together and is also very nourishing; you can find it in the deli store, but this version never seems to cut for the real thing.

Making your own Greek salad with lettuce is easy; the salad is a great go to recipe that you can throw together for an average lunch or as a complementary dish to serve to your company.

Keep in mind that the Greek salad with lettuce recipe calls for nice tomatoes and crispy green lettuce leaves. They make a real difference in this salad. Kalamata olives or pitted olives are also a must.


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