Pasta-Shrimp Salad with Feta

With the abundance of seafood in Greece, Pasta Shrimp salad with feta cheese is one of the favorite summer salads of the Greeks, served in Athens and most of the Greek Islands. Shrimps themselves, delicious and refreshing anytime, get particular fireworks of flavors in this salad.

Just imagine the garlic and minced rosemary stirred in olive oil. What a flavor! For others, this recipe might look like a starter, or even the whole meal, but the truth is that it’s quite light and refreshing and that it is a salad of pasta with seafood – sometimes if you are lucky enough to spend some time in Greece you will hear islanders call seafood a fruit, or salad; thus, pasta-shrimp with feta recipe can easily pass for a Greek salad!

Greeks love to stir their herbs in olive oil. That’s one of the summer specialties in Greece anyway. They will toss fresh herbs in olive oil and dip pita bread in it, or gently cook herbs in warm (never heated) olive oil. In this cooked version, garlic is a must.

Feta is one of the regular ingredients in many summer salads in Greece, and pasta salads as well. In the Pasta-Shrimp salad, which is best served cold or chilled, feta simply goes deliciously well.

Pasta-Shrimp Salad with Feta Recipe


  • ½ kg. fettuccine, or other pasta you like
  • ½ kg. large fresh shrimps
  • 1 cup fresh goat cheese feta
  • 1 – 2 garlic cloves
  • Basil leaves
  • 1 bunch of chives, minced
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp. fresh rosemary, minced
  • 1 lemon
  • Salt and fresh black pepper

Boil the pasta in a large pot of slightly salted water. Cook it until it as you like it but al-dente is suggested. Dry the pasta and set aside.

Now, prepare the shrimps. Make sure that you kept them in the refrigerator before getting to the cooking part. If you don’t mind eating the whole piece, go for that. The shell should be removed along with the tail anyway, if you just want to eat your pasta salad without dealing with the hard part of the shrimp. But, if you are particular about that black vein and want to remove it, then do it. Cut gently along the vein with a knife, open the shrimp and take the vein out.

Keep the shrimps on ice all the time before you are ready to cook them so they stay cold. When ready, warm the olive oil, add crashed garlic and minced rosemary. Stir it and let the flavors mix for a couple of minutes before adding the shrimps. They don’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes on each side. They should become of light pinkish color and slightly curly when done. Remove the pan from the heat and let shrimp sit for a little longer in the pan. When you finally remove the shrimp, save the oil to toss it over the salad. Bon appétit!

Greek names of the ingredients of this salad

shrimp = garida, γαρίδα
pasta = zimarika, ζυμαρικά
garlic= skordo, σκόρδο
basil leaves = fylla vasilikou, φύλλα βασιλικού
chives: prasoulida, πρασουλίδα
rosemary:  dendrolivano, δενδρολίβανο
olive oil = elaiolado, ελαιόλαδο
salt = alati, αλάτι
lemon: lemoni, λεμόνι
pepper: piperi, πιπέρι

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