Rocket Beets Ham Salad

A combination of rocket, beets, and ham, can be easily much more than a simple Greek salad. Rocket, beets and ham Salad is  a nicely balanced meal for long summer days or nights. The rich flavors of the main ingredients give you a feeling of fulfillment for at least a few hours after you finish eating this salad. Not to mention that it goes really well with ouzo, since these two offset each other’s strong taste.

Rocket, or arugula as called somewhere, or Roka as it is called in Greek, is popular in Greece. No wonder, it is originally a Mediterranean plant. It’s almost a wild plant since it grows without much attention. It’s very aromatic, somewhat coarse, and it’s not to be eaten after the plant blossoms. Otherwise, it has a strong taste, is very appealing and mixed with particular food can produce a really amazing eating experience. It is mostly used in salads, but Greeks also use it in pasta and pork, filled with rocket and cheese.

Rocket – Beets – Ham Salad Recipe


  • 400 gr. of rocket leaves
  • 2 -3 smaller beets, cooked and cut
  • 150 -200 gr. ham, in one piece
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Caraway seeds
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemon, fresh juice
  • Salt

For this salad, you should have already cooked beets. Try not to use canned one since they are processed and marinated the way maybe you won’t want them. When beets are cooked – but not overcooked – take them out of water, let them chill, peel the skin and cut them in slices or whatever shape you prefer. For this salad it’s good to re-cut beet slices into smaller cubes. Set aside.

Wash rocket thoroughly, and let it dry. When ready, place them in the salad bowl, add beets, and salt and mix well. Be sure to try the ham before salting rocket and beets. Although both need salt, if ham is very salty, you don’t want to have a salt-bomb instead of nice salad. Cut ham in cubes and add to the mixture.

Pour generously olive oil (both rocket and beets needs it) and mix well to be sure that salad is getting oily enough. If necessary, add more olive oil until you are satisfied.

Squeeze the whole lemon, and again, if you think you’d like more, add more freshly squeezed lemon juice. Rocket likes lemon. At the end, add some sunflower and caraway seeds, beets strive on both of them.

Greek names of the ingredients of this salad

  • rocket = roka, ρόκα
  • beets = pantzaria, παντζάρια
  • ham = zambon, ζαμπόν
  • sunflower seeds = iliosporoi, ηλιόσποροι
  • caraway seeds = sporoi kymino, σπόροι κύμινο
  • olive oil = elaiolado, ελαιόλαδο
  • salt = alati, αλάτι

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