Taramosalata spread

taramosalata spread on breadOne more Greek salad / spread to die for is the Taramosalata apetizer. The recipe for taramosalata is a very easy one to prepare, especially since taramas can be bought in the stores and not made from scratch. If you ever wonder what is that whitish or pinkish dip-like plate at the tables in Greek restaurants, that’s taramosalata. Commercial and probably more known version has pinkish color, but the thingy is, that Greeks appreciate the quality of this salad by its whiteness. Taramosalata can be bought in all better stores nowadays but needless is to say that the homemade, Greek original version is the best.

Taramas paste is the salty, cured roe of cod, sometimes carp, and it says enough about the predominant taste of this yummy dish. Would you rather call it dip or salad, it really doesn’t matter. Greeks have a reason why they call it salad. And by the way, they eat this salad always on Clean Monday, and during the fasting periods of Christmas, Easter and August. But, it’s one of their favorite summer salads anyway.

The best thing about preparing this salad is that there is no particular philosophy behind it. Greek cuisine is, to point out one more time, very simple and easy. And as with many of Greek appetizers, taramosalata goes perfectly well with pita bread and ouzo. In hot summer days, you will see Greeks serving it also with additional slices of lemon since nothing fits this salad better than juice of sun bathed Greek lemons. To additional chilling effect, cucumber slices can be used as garnish as well.

Taramosalata recipe with ready taramas paste


  • 100 gr. of taramas
  • 1 medium red onion
  • Stale bread
  • Olive oil
  • 1 lemon, freshly squeezed
  • Parsley

To start with, remove the crust from bread and soak it. You can use a half of one loaf. When soaked enough, squeeze to remove water. Set aside. Mix taramas and cut onion in the blender to get a smooth paste. Add some olive oil and lemon juice to make a mixture even smoother. Now, add bread and keep blending it until you get even paste. Put it in the refrigerator since it has to be nicely chilled when serving. When serving, you can add parsley or olives to make it look better. And since it’s very traditional Greek appetizer, be sure to have ouzo around to serve with it.

Taramosalata from scratch

  • 1,5 kg. of cod or carp roe (plain or smoked)
  • Few slices of bread without crust
  • Olive oil
  • 2 lemons, freshly squeezed juice

Again, soak the bread in water. Mix plain or smoked fish together with bread in the blender and mix it on a low speed. Slowly add olive oil and lemon juice while keep blending it. If the mixture gets too thick, add some warm water to make it lighter.

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  1. David November 19, 2010 at 13:25 #

    The quantities in taramosalata seem whacky to me. I’ve never made it before, but 1.5kg of taramas??? It’s about $90/kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll look for another recipe.

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