Tomato Lettuce Salad

If trying to find a fresh, healthy salad that can accompany any meal, that’s Tomato Lettuce Salad , a tasty and simple Greek salad that can make a positive difference in any meal. A little addition of shredded carrots to the regular salad ingredients makes this salad really crispy and tasty. Not to mention its healthy impact!

Tomato Lettuce Salad can also be a full meal in the hottest summer days since it contains vegetables with big percentage of water. Plus, if you keep all the ingredients in the fridge before starting cutting them, the tomato lettuce salad will be really a salad feast, because it can be quite refreshing and chilly enough. Of course, the secret is the ripe tomatoes – sweet and juicy – and a few rounds of red onions will add some mild tarty flavor. This Greek salad is quite easy to make and is great for a simple meal at work as well – just prepare it at home and take it with you at work. It takes just a few minutes and it can be just perfect.

Tomato Lettuce Salad Recipe

Tomato Lettuce Salad

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Red onion
  • Cucumbers (optional)
  • Olive oil
  • Red wine Vinegar or balsamic
  • Salt

Chop the lettuce and cut the tomatoes, red onion and cucumber (if using) in rounds. Shred a carrot or two, depending how much salad you are making, and that’s it. Salt before serving and don’t save on olive oil. It’s very yummy! If you can, make sure that you have some crispy fresh bread to accompany it.

Greek names of the ingredients of the Tomato Lettuce Salad Recipe

  • Tomatoes = ntomata, ντομάτα
  • Lettuce = marouli, μαρούλι
  • Carrots = karoto, καρότο
  • Red onion = kokkino kremmydi, κόκκινο κρεμμύδι
  • Cucumbers  = aggouri, αγγούρι
  • Olive oil = elaiolado, ελαιόλαδο
  • Red wine Vinegar: kokkino ksidi, κόκκινο ξύδι
  • Salt = alati, αλάτι


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  1. Bergy September 17, 2010 at 23:13 #

    This recipe for tomato and lettuce is a very simple and tasty salad. I enjoyed it a lot as we have a surplus of tomatoes this year.

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